Brand Your 'Gram by Emily Huynh

Brand Your 'Gram

Create beautiful, on-brand photos for your blog or business using just your phone!

It’s time to brand your Instagram with photos that fit your message and aesthetic, without breaking the bank.

Through my easy-to-follow instructions, achievable tips, six info-packed modules and one private Facebook group, I’ll teach you how to DIY brand photos from the comfort of your own home, and phone. 

So, are you ready to Brand your ‘Gram? 👇

What to Expect

After years of serving as a brand photographer, I realized how important it was to teach you, the busy small business owner, content creator and entrepreneur, how to create beautiful brand photos with just. your. phone. Whether you’re in-between brand photoshoot sessions, or are simply not ready to invest in your first brand shoot, you deserve to have the Instagram feed of your dreams. No stock photos required.

Now, if I’ve piqued your interest, let’s talk about what Brand Your ‘Gram even entails. Shall we?

Brand Your ‘Gram includes:
  • Six modules, dedicated to teaching you about iPhone photography, lighting, settings and curating basics.
  • Access to the Brand Your ‘Gram private Facebook community where YOU can ask questions, watch edit-with-me's, & share your photos for feedback.
  • Weekly Live Q&A sessions inside the Facebook community.
  • Lifetime updates to the course, for free (because DUH).
  • Helpful (again, catch the buzzword there: HELPFUL) homework assignments that allow you to apply your newfound skills.
  • The Branding Basics Preset Pack for Lightroom Mobile (a $15 value). 

Sounds pretty good, right?

The doors to Brand Your 'Gram open on August 3rd! The first 3 modules are available now, and new modules will be released every week for 3 weeks.

Learn the basics of iPhone photography.

We’ll walk through how to confidently create photos and develop your signature aesthetic, while using just your phone. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to take an exceptional photo, regardless of location or situation. Oh, and you won’t even need to invest in an expensive lighting set up.

Understand how to edit like a pro.

Beautiful photos are one thing, but editing them to have a cohesive and on-brand look is another. We’ll work through an introduction to Lightroom Mobile, create an editing workflow, and I’ll help you understand how to make your edits easy-breezy. Because who has time to stress over editing a photo these days, anyway?

Curate a scroll-stopping grid that attracts your ideal audience.

We’ve all lurked through those Instagram feeds with masterfully constructed and curated content that looks like a work of art. Am I right?

I’m here to make sure that YOU know how to curate your photos and arrange them on your feed, while remaining as on-brand as possible.

What people have to say

How to take photos for your business… even if you hate photography.

Brand Your ‘Gram was created with YOU in mind. You’re a busy entrepreneur, blogger, influencer, content creator, shop or small biz owner, and you haven’t taken the plunge into the brand photography world, right? But you’re also sick and tired of the same old stock photos?

Yep, say hello to your new best friend. 👋

Is Brand Your 'Gram for you?

This course was designed for those who feel like they constantly need new pictures for their social media, are done using generic stock photos, crave visual cohesiveness, and want to figure out why their phone images don’t have that “it” factor.

What this course won’t include? Any fluff or filler (hi, my name is Emily, and I’m allergic to fluff), unachievable or confusing tips and strategies, or advanced techniques.

Brand your ‘Gram was created for the everyday doer, who wants a beautiful social media feed, right now.

So, what's inside Brand Your 'Gram?

💫 6, info-packed modules
💫 Access to a private Facebook community
💫 4 live, recorded weekly Q&A sessions
💫 Free, lifetime updates to the course
💫 The Branding Basics Preset Pack for Lightroom Mobile (regularly $15)

MODULE 1: Phone Photography 101

- Why you don't need to buy a new fancy camera, and how to choose your next smartphone

MODULE 2: Lighting Basics

- Good light versus bad light
- How to find good natural light in your home
- Manipulating natural light
- Intro to artificial light
- Artificial lighting gear
- Making artificial light look natural
- Outdoor lighting on sunny days
- outdoor lighting on cloudy days
- BONUS: Golden hour

MODULE 3: Your Camera Settings

- iPhone: Inside the Settings app
- iPhone: Inside the Camera app

MODULE 4: Taking the Shot

- Tripods & how to hold the camera
- Photo composition basics
- Layering
- Rule of 3rds
- Leading lines
- Using Portrait Mode effectively
- BONUS: Posing Quick Tips

MODULE 5: All About Editing

- Intro to Lightroom Mobile
- Reviewing (culling) your photos
- Editing workflow
- Creating a cohesive look
- BONUS: using SnapSeed/other free editing app
- BONUS: how to develop a “look” & save it as a preset

MODULE 6: Curating Your Grid


- The photo "sniff test"
- Grid placement & design
- Color theory
- 50 photo ideas for social media


Now, the typical brand shoot can be anywhere from $600-$3,000+. The beauty of this course lies in the DIY factor - you’ll not only be able to immediately begin photographing for your brand, but you’ll also be saving hundreds, if not thousands, over the course of the next year.

While valued at over $500, Brand Your ‘Gram only costs $147.

That’s right. $147 for photography skills that’ll serve you now, and in the future. 

Now, because I’m so passionate about getting this into the hands of as many people as possible, I’m offering Brand Your ‘Gram for an initial launch price of $97.

I mean, that’s basically like when a store offers a 50% off sale, and then another 10% off on top of that. It’s kind of a no-brainer, right?


As a busy entrepreneur and brand photographer, I understand the hustle of trying to do it all, and the frustration of not being able to master that one thing you need so badly. 

The truth is that not everyone is in a place where they can invest in brand photography - that shouldn’t mean that everyone shouldn’t have access to the tools and skills they need to create and curate gorgeous photos.

It’s my goal to make sure you walk away from this course with the knowledge and confidence you need to Brand Your ‘Gram. 


I already had brand photos done with a professional photographer. Do I need Brand Your 'Gram?

Absolutely! Being able to create content anywhere, anytime is SO powerful, and Brand Your 'Gram equips you with the tips and tools to easily create on-brand content on-the-go.

As a professional brand photographer myself, my clients always ask for iPhone photography tips so that their behind-the-scenes photos can match their professional branding photos. As much as I'd love to follow you around and document everything, I can't! 😂 

How long do I have access to the course content?

Forever! You'll also receive lifetime updates to the course, because that's how we roll around here.

The course officially kicks off on August 10th, but the first 3 modules are already available if you just can't wait to get started!

Will this work for me if I have an Android phone?

Yes! There is only one module that is iPhone specific, and that's the Camera & Settings app modules. All of the editing apps used are available on both iPhone and Android. 

I'm not a business owner, will this be relevant to me?

Yes! This course is for anyone that wants to enhance their phone photo game and learn how to curate beautiful IG grids. We all love our personal Instagram grids to look beautiful, right? 

How long will this course take?

This is absolutely self-paced! I’ve created each lesson in each module with the intention of it being no longer than 10 minutes. 

I'm a photographer, will this be helpful to me?

I cover lighting principles and editing tools in this course. We don't talk about DSLRs or other digital cameras, just your phone and mobile editing apps! If you are a beginner, then this will be helpful.

Helloooo, I'm Emily!

After years of serving as a brand photographer, I realized how important it was to teach you, the busy small business owner, content creator and entrepreneur, how to create beautiful brand photos with just. your. phone. Whether you’re in-between brand photoshoot sessions, or are simply not ready to invest in your first brand shoot, you deserve to have the Instagram feed of your dreams. No stock photos or fancy DSLR camera required.